Welcome to Sup Spot Barcelona, the perfect spot on Barceloneta Beach for Stand-Up Paddle and skateboard experience.

Whether you’re here to catch the first light with our ‘Sunrise Expedition’ or light up the night with our ‘Night Light Session’, we’ve got something for everyone.

No matter your experience or background, we greet everyone with a smile. Join us for unforgettable moments and good vibes only at ‘the Spot’.

Sup Rental

Times: during regular opening hours

1H = 15€
1.5H = 20€
2H = 25€

Including wetsuit/water/locker

Sunrise Sessions

Times: before opening hours

±2H = 25€

Including photo/
4K video/coffee/tea/water/wetsuit

Night Light Session

Times: just before it gets dark

1,5H = 25€
(for Light Board)

Including wetsuit/water/locker

Skateboard Rental

Times: during regular opening hours

1H = 10€
+1H = +5€
24H = 25€

Including protection/locker

Sup Spot Barcelona was founded by Hessel, a watersport fanatic with a passion for hospitality. He dreamed of creating a cozy and special place where people could come together to have fun, connect and enjoy nature, all while being active. About three years ago, he discovered the perfect location and turned his dream into reality.
Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our team, Sup Spot Barcelona has become a spot where everyone, regardless of their skill level, is welcomed to enjoy a memorable paddle,- or skateboarding session.
It’s all about good times, making new friends and embracing the good vibes!