At which time is the sunrise session?

It depends on the time of the year. The earliest sunrise is at 6:18AM on the 14th of June. In March and in November it’s around 7:25AM. We always hit the water 15 minutes before sunrise, so we meet up at least 30 minutes before the sunrise. Please be aware we won’t wait if you are late, because the sun isn’t waiting for anyone.

Can I book with my wellness or fitness app?

Yes, we collaborate with multiple wellness and fitness applications, including Urban Sports, Andjoy, Classpass and Gympass.
Please note this only applies to our regular business hours (9am to 6pm), Sunrise or Night Light Sessions are not included.

Do you know how to swim?

Yes, we expect our guests to possess a certain level of swimming skills. Your safety is of our highest concern but we won’t to take responsibility for a guest who can’t swim. You can’t drive a car without a license either, right?

Do you provide lifejackets?

No, we do not provide life jackets. We expect that all participants can swim and consider it irresponsible to enter the water without the required swimming skills or knowledge about the sea. Ensuring the safety of our customers is a top priority, and part of that is expecting participants to know how to swim. If we aren’t convinced about a guest’s swimming skills, we won’t let them in the water.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we provide lockers for our guests to store their valuables. Still, we always advice to only bring the essentials.

I want to go to the sunrise session, but I don’t want a coffee, water, video or guide. Does this reduce the price?

No it doesn’t, the price is based on the time (early in the morning) and duration (1,5h to 2H). All other services are complimentary.

Can I book a private lesson?

Yes, we just need to know in advance so we can book you a teacher! Costs are €30,- for 1,5H. This includes videos and the teacher. We will also join you on the water, of course.

Do you provide wetsuits?

Yes, we have wetsuits available. When renting a sup board this is a complimentary service. During summer these won’t be available.

Is the Spot responsible for damage or stolen items?

No, we are not responsible for any items that are damaged or stolen. It is always the responsibility of the individual to ensure the safety and security of their belongings. We recommend taking all necessary precautions to protect your items while enjoying your time at our location.

If I don’t show up for a Sunrise Session, will I be offered a refund?

No, if you do not show up for a Sunrise Session, you are not eligible for a refund. However, in the event that we, the organizers, cancel the Sunrise Session, you will be offered a voucher for a future session or a refund. We encourage participants to commit to their bookings, as spaces are limited and in high demand.

Why do I need to pay for a Sunrise Session in advance?

Paying for the Sunrise Session in advance is required to minimize the occurrence of no-shows. Since the spaces for these sessions are limited and in high demand, paying in advance ensures that all participants are committed to attending. This policy helps us manage bookings more effectively and offers a fair opportunity for everyone interested in joining our unique Sunrise Sessions.

Is there a Sunrise Session every day?

No there is not. Sometimes the conditions leave us no choice but to cancel the session.The biggest reasons for cancellation are heavy wind and dense clouds. When a session is cancelled by us, the organizers, for whatever reason, you will be offered a voucher for a future session or a refund.

When I come back and I have lost or broken anything, do I need to pay for that?

Ah, the mystery of the disappearing gear! If you find yourself parting ways with our equipment, we will ask you to compensate us for the lost or damaged items.

Are your activities suitable for children?

Yes, but we do hold the parents or guardians responsible for the children.

Are memberships available?

Yes, during high season we offer memberships for 60€ per month. No sign-up fee, no automatic renewal and you can grab a skate- or supboard at any time. We only ask flexibility during peak hours.

What time do you close?

If you haven’t booked a Night Light Session, the last round of rentals is one hour before sunset. So it all depends on when you will be visiting us.

It’s my first time, do I need any experience for paddling?

No prior experience required. We offer all guests basic instruction before letting you in the water. If you still don’t feel comfortable we would advise to book a private lesson or make sure to bring a friend with experience to SUPport you!

Do you have a changing room?

Yes, we have sectioned off a small enclosed area where you can get changed.

Are there showers in the Spot?

We are very happy with our amazing location, but our shop doesn’t have a shower. Luckily we are situated a mere 30 meters away from the public showers. Please be aware that we regularly face water shortage in Barcelona, so we request our guests keep their water usage to a minimum.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all cards, including American Express. An invoice can also be provided upon a guest’s request.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, we love dogs and you are more than welcome to bring your best buddy! We advise anyone bringing a dog to book a morning session, when the heat is manageable and local dogs go for their walks.

What should I bring with me?

Swimming clothes in which you feel comfortable, a towel and a smile. We also reccomend bringing an extra dry bag to store your wet clothes and towel after the session.

I want to bring my phone, do you happen to sell waterproof phone cases?

Yes, waterproof phone cases are available at our shop.